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ISO 9001- 2008

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies, which aims to provide a quality product controlling the processes, procedures, records, indicators, internal and external audits that are carried by field technicians and operational processes,  powered support processes in the administrative area, which in turn are controlled by the senior management, and bowing to achieve continuous improvement in terms of process, product and customer satisfaction.

BASC (business alliance for secure commerce)

It's an international business alliance that promotes safe trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations, promotes the development and implementation of preventive actions aimed at preventing the smuggling of goods, narcotics and terrorism through legitimate trade, so it builds trust and strengthens the image of our products, with customers, customs and government.
Proteas del Sol Andino Inc. Complies with internal regulations (rules, Quality and Safety Manual BASC), through processes, procedures, infrastructure and product traceability from research in culture, to delivery abroad.
To ensure quality and safety of our flower, the top management of Proteas del Sol Andino Inc. is committed to implementing, managing, and maintaining these standards.
Proteas del Sol Andino provides induction, adequate training and human resources in the enterprise for the purpose of continuous improvement.

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