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We are PROTEAS DEL SOL ANDINO INC. the best producers in the World of Protea Leucadendron and Leucospermun. We invite you to know more about our farm let yourself  be naturally seduced by our flowers cultivated with organic methods and with respect to our social and natural environment, in the region governed by the majestic Cayambe volcano (Ecuador – South America); home of the best flowers in the world. PROTEAS DEL SOL ANDINO INC. , is a farm dedicated to produce leucadendron and leucospermun using high standards and organic products in order to assure, not just a beautiful flower, also a product with a social and environment responsibility.


Quality and Safety Policy

Produce and market quality ornamental proteas, meeting the needs of our customers through the commitment of our staff in improving processes continuously, meeting the company's internal regulations (internal company policies, quality manual, safety manual BASC ) and ensuring benefits to its shareholders, suppliers and partners.


Produce and commercialize quality ornamental Proteas, creating value and confidence to shareholders, customers and partners through the compliance of our quality and safety policy.


Being recognized as leader in the production and marketing of ornamental proteas worldwide for the quality of our products.


  • Increase the production of exportable stems with quality improvements
  • Satisfy the needs of our customers
  • Improve processes continuously
  • Train and develop human talent
  • Comply with internal regulations (Rules of Procedure, Quality Manual and Safety Manual BASC)

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Phone: (593 2) 236 6399 / 642
Fax: (593 2) 236 6 642
Email: sales@proteassolandino.ec
Email: mvalencia@proteassolandino.ec
Email: jalvarez@proteassolandino.ec

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