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Flowers and women: celebrating the beauty and power that joins us together.

Flowers and women: celebrating the beauty and power that joins us together.

Celebrating the beauty and power that joins us together.

In Ecuadorian lands, PROTEASSOLANDINO blooms as a symbol of beauty and commitment. Across our fields, speckled with the colors of Proteas, Leucospermum, and Leucadedron, exists a team of women whose work, effort, and dedication infuse life into our flowers and strengthen our company.

Cultivating Empowerment: Women's Impact in Our Company

At PROTEASSOLANDINO, women are not only an integral part of our workforce, they also leaders at the Forefront, guiding with wisdom and passion in all areas of our operation. From meticulous planning in production to impeccable execution in post-harvest, from connecting with our customers in sales and marketing to rigorous financial management in accounting, women play key roles driving our mission forward, demonstrating exceptional capacity to lead, innovate, and face challenges with determination. Our female leaders lead with vision and passion, inspiring their teams to reach new heights of excellence and commitment.


While we greatly value female leadership in our company, we also recognize the strength that arises from collaboration between genders. This collaboration complements the work of our women growers, creating a diverse and supportive team that drives excellence at every stage of the process. At PROTEASSOLANDINO, we value diversity and celebrate the strength that emerges from working together towards a common goal.

We are dedicated to create an environment where all voices are heard, where everyone has equal opportunity to grow, thrive and lead, and where diversity is celebrated. We acknowledge the fundamental role women play in the floriculture industry, which is why we are committed to supporting their personal and professional growth, development and leadership. Therefore, this commitment is not just a statement; it is a fundamental pillar in all areas of our business and a driving force behind everything we do.

Every day of the year, and especially during this month of March, we joyfully thank all the women who are part of our beloved PROTEASSOLANDINO family. This special time gives us the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contribution each of you makes to our company and to the very essence of our corporate identity. Your dedication and talent illuminate every corner of our company, infusing life and passion into every project and challenge we face. Beyond valuing your professionalism, we want to highlight and thank you for the light and inspiration you bring to our days. Therefore, we want to pause and pay tribute to the extraordinary work you do with love and excellence.

We thank each of you for being strong, talented and passionate, making our company a special place to grow and flourish. May the connection between the flowers and us be a harmonious dance of beauty and strength.

Let us celebrate the vital role that our women growers play; because this commits us even more to continue to be a beacon of empowerment and equity!

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