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The flower that should be

The flower that should be

In your floral arrangements.

Leucospermum, also known as "pincushion", is a flower native of South Africa that has become more and more popular in floral arrangements because of its exotic and attractive appearance, thanks to its unique shape and vibrant colors. As professionals who are in the world of flowers, we can affirm that Leucospermum are an excellent choice to incorporate in your floral arrangements.

We have noticed that nowadays more and more people prefer to use Leucospermum in their floral arrangements because of its beauty and singularity, in order to give them an exclusive, original and elegant look. That´s why, this article is aimed for those who want to create unique floral designs and want to know some of the reasons why you should include the beautiful Leucospermum in your next floral art.

Here are some reasons why you should include beautiful Leucospermum in your floral arrangements:

  • They can be incorporated in all your floral designs as a main element or as a complement. 
  • The unique shape of this flower adds an interesting and exotic accent to any floral arrangement.
  • There are several varieties of Leucospermum; such as High Gold, Caroline, Tango and Yotti, all of them are cultivated and cared in our fields, its diversity of colors which range from red to bright yellow, will allow you to create many floral arrangements designs.
  • Leucospermum are flowers that have great durability and resistance, making them an ideal choice for special events.
  • Incorporate them in floral designs is a great decision! Their rigid structure allows them to stand right in arrangements without requiring ay additional support.
  • Also, its unusual shape adds texture and dimension to any arrangement.
  • You can incorporate them in bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths and other floral designs to give them an original touch.
  • It can also be used in modern arrangements or in classic designs, which makes it very versatile.

It's a trending flower that catches people's eye, so don't stay out of it!

In conclusion, the reasons why to implement the use of Leucospermum in floral art are many; since they are an excellent option for due to their beauty, durability and versatility. 

If what you are looking for is that your flower arrangements look different and original, we recommend you consider this beautiful South African flower, that of course we can happily provide it to you.

So... Go ahead and add an exotic touch to your floral arrangements with Leucospermum! Contact Us right now to place your orders.

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